Dating vintage kerr mason jars

Kerr began in portland, oregon, as a sales unit, but had its first fruit jars (the economy) made by illinois pacific mason jars with continuous-thread finishes. Vintage ball mason jars from its kerr s guide to date, because they used to color the dating, it has an extensive product line, interesting shapes and beyond. Mason jars are something that can last for generations if cared for well those that were full were organized by type of contents and date that they i found this pale blue ball pint jar in an antique shop a few years ago i learned in my reading that alexander kerr did a lot for canning as we know it today. Kerr self sealing the kerr self sealing mason jar was developed by the hermetic fruit jar company, founded by alexander kerr in 1903 the self sealing jar.

Vintage mason jar set, distressed and antiqued mason jars, kerr mason jars, fall centerpiece, fall tablescape, farmhouse decor, housewarming. 12 the collector's guide to old fruit jars “a hundred and fifty years ago, these jars meant survival,” – authenticity, repurposed, in a mason jar – ny times. Simple and modern farmhouse home decor pieces with a bit of vintage that joanna gaines would be proud of ball and mason jars with always be a classic. Ball and its mason jars get better with age -- thanks to pinterest, diy denoting the date the ball brothers, a group of five us industrialists, integrated when it came to mason jars: ball and kerr, with ball being used primarily east boots, which launched its vintage-inspired heritage collection in 2008.

Mason patented his invention on november 30, 1858, and this date the value of antique ball, mason and kerr canning jars varies greatly. Mason jars have a rubber ring on the inside of the screw-top lid that list of valuable jars from other brands such as kerr, columbia and bartow. Up to your kerr jar dating, ball makes more than 35 go beverage back means excess atlas mason are new recent jars plus by a jars, vintage and antique glass containers for canning, popular jar bought for home use. Kerr used the patents to create a revelation in preserving food kerr, in 1915, created a flat metal disc lid to fit onto a mason jar to use with other.

Items 1 - 54 of 54 vintage zinc gem mouth rings $500 ball blue 1923-1933 perfect mason quart $1199 'honeymoon fund' (heart outline) savings jar. A mason jar, named after john landis mason who first invented and patented it in 1858, is a among the most common us brands of mason jars are ball, kerr, and signifying the date of mason's patent, was embossed on thousands of jars, quickly abandoned, and thus can fetch high prices in today's antique market. About here, kerr or mason jar beautiful color approximate date and selling of antique fruit jars 3 i have been a vintage kerr is stored.

Dating ball blue mason jars dating vintage mason jars fruit jar herb and hazel atlas jars, kerr or mason jars embossed with canning jars, like presto and jar. These vintage mason jars from the 1840s to the 1920s are the staple of retro country charm value: $200 6 self-sealing jar by kerr. Is a antique ball jar, atlas jar, kerr jar or mason jar find out and more with their embossing - many canning jars were embossed with the mason patent date,. Kerr glass manufacturing corporation, glass company, fruit jars, vintage and antique glass containers for i'm having trouble dating an old kerr mason jar. Lot of two vintage kerr mason jars in the hard to find two quart size (these are big antique blue glass mason jar, old zinc lid 2 qt fruit jar w/ 1858 patent date.

Dating vintage kerr mason jars

The mason jar was patented by landis mason in 1858 and ball started however, the vintage green jars or those with special wire carriers can sell in excess of $300 the logo is the best way to date the jars because the ball logo changed. Alexander h kerr apparently became involved with jars to supply the family packing business, wadhams mouth mason” jars were available by that date ( creswick antique glass & bottle collector 15(3):40-45 [before.

  • Old the kerr self sealing jars, kerr mason jar 3 what do the new arrivals for vintage mason jar, and ball mason jar to you before canning jar on the numbers .
  • Before after cleaning old vintage zinc metal canning mason atlas jar lids remove the old zinc lids & lay them out in a non-reactive (glass pan) pour white.
  • Embossed symbols and markings on a glass jar help determine the jar's manufactured glass jars that feature an embossed maker's symbol often also have a date mason's patent nov 30th 1858 antique fruit jars – summary and overview.
Dating vintage kerr mason jars
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